Smile, breathe and
go slowly.

Thich Nhat Hanh
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Our need for rest and the remarkably regenerative qualities of a good night’s sleep are increasingly being understood.

Our award-winning spas invite you to relax, with signature Moving Mountains treatments using only organic products and inspired by the surrounding nature. Gentle in-room evening yoga prepares you for true rest and regeneration. Finally, the Hofklinik, a leading sleep centre in Lucerne, has helped us create the optimal sleep experience for our guests – fine bed linen, aromatherapy, special in-room menus and teas all invite you to fall into a blissful night of dreams. For those craving a quiet night, our Dream Butlers are at your disposal to create a luxurious and bespoke pre-sleep ritual in the comfort of your room.


Sleep specialist FAASM und SGSSC
Chief Medical Officer and co-owner of the clinic

Heydy Lorena González completed her training in Sleep Medicine at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She is passionate about sleep and the power of rest. Her focus is on the importance of careful clinical evaluation, often in cooperation with various specialists to ensure best possible outcomes. Heydy has been instrumental in helping us create a rest program that is backed by science and designed to help guests receive the best possible environment for a good nights sleep.


Dream Butler Experience

A calming footbath and relaxing massage

End your day by unwinding in our Spa with a footbath followed by an aroma oil massage. Soothing your muscles and warming the temperature of your feet helps to facilitate heat dissipation in your body; a process known to help improve sleep.

Turn down

While you’re relaxing in the Spa, your Dream Butler will prepare your room with a turn down service that ensures it is set at the perfect humidity, lighting and room temperature for sleep. A scented candle, pillow spray and bedtime book will be waiting for you on your return. Your Dream Butler will help you select a pillow from a specially curated menu.

A dinner designed for sleep

You will be served a delicious, easily digestible meal and offered a selection of teas in the comfort of your room. The ingredients have been carefully selected by Moving Mountains nutritionist, Rhaya Jordan, and will help your drift off into the perfect night’s sleep.

Spa Treatments

Moving Mountains Immune Recovery Body Ritual

A full body massage starting with infused salt inhalation deep breathing to clear the respiratory system. Lemon and Eucalyptus are used to reawaken your senses and enriching oils of Juniper and Fennel encourage detoxification. Following an exfoliating dry body brushing, silicone cups are used to lift the connective tissue and improve blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles to relieve pain, stress and boost the immune system.

Moving Mountains Immune Recovery Facial

A deeply clearing facial treatment that starts with Himalayan salt inhalation for the lungs and double cleansing for the skin. Over three hundred facial lymph nodes are gently drained with our signature rose crystal massage while a jade massage helps soothe the heart chakra. Gentle cupping then drains all excess fluid from the face and sinuses, revealing bright glowing skin cleared of toxins and puffiness.