We’ve made nutrient-dense, digestible, plant-based foods the key ingredients of every Moving Mountains meal.

Rhaya Jordan
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Having put our bodies through their paces physically with expert training and playful adventure, it is time to nourish and replenish.

Our star-studded chefs have collaborated with world-renowned nutritionist, Rhaya Jordan, to create plant-based Moving Mountain menus; prepared with an honest respect for nutrient-dense ingredients (carefully selected for their health benefits), rooted in the sense of place of the Swiss mountains and celebrating a truly nourishing and joyous deliciousness.


Nutrition Partner
Nutrition Partner

Rhaya brings over thirty years of experience as a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist and, before branching out to work one-on-one with clients, was a Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences, teaching Anatomy, Clinical Skills, Nutrition, Biochemistry and Complimentary Therapies at the University of Westminster, London.


Moving Mountains dishes are created according to the following principles promoting good health, reducing inflammation and boosting your immune system.

Inspired by the Swiss Mountains: Whole, fresh, seasonal, nutrient-dense food.
We take the nature that surrounds us and bring it to your plate – fresh, clean and prepared to preserve or improve its nutritional value. Look out for locally-inspired healing foods with medicinal qualities, wild foraged foods and fresh seasonal ingredients.

Rooted in Science: Working with the latest developments in nutritional research.
The latest science on the gut microbiome and immune resilience are reflected in the menu through our choice of ingredients and in their preparation. Plant-based, replacing refined sugar and white flour with complex sugars (such as local tree syrups) and whole grains. Every delicious mouthful works to improve health.

Nutrient Density: A plant-based approach to cooking.
To meet our nutritional standards, vegetables and fruit receive pride of place in our cooking and the foundations of all our dishes are entirely plant-based. Suggested game, meat, fish and cheeses can then be added upon request.

Deliciousness: Taste and flavour govern every decision and underpin our approach.
We have been led astray by the false assumptions that food is either comforting and delicious or healthy. To build resilience and health, food must give joy as well as nourishment.