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Arosa enchants all who visit it with breath-taking mountains and unspoilt nature. Alongside a selection of well-trodden winter hiking trails, this climatic spa resort also offers places for quiet reflection. Take a break and unwind in the tranquillity of the mountains.


Built in around 1492, this small mountain church is the oldest building in Arosa and a local landmark. The listed church is a quiet place steeped in history and a wonderful retreat where you can rest in tranquillity.

TIP: Trace the footsteps of villagers past and follow the old church path to discover one of Arosa’s most beautiful and meditative routes. As you walk, listen to the sound of crackling snow under your feet.


Take a walk through Innerarosa and explore the Grisons Walser village. This is the oldest part of Arosa where you can still see the timehonoured way of constructing pasture fencing and discover traditional wooden houses with their blessings inscribed under the gables. Take some time out and rest on the bench outside the Eggahuus – the local history museum.

TIP: Make sure you visit the history museum
which was opened in 1949. It provides an excellent
introduction to Arosa’s past.


With its original character still intact, the mountain valley between Arosa and Chur is the epitome of unspoilt romance. In the middle of it all, like something out of a picture tale, lies the old Walser settlement of Sapün. Be sure to pause there and soak in its magic. After the valley, the trail continues past small hamlets to the romantic and historic Heimeli hotel.

TIP: After a stop at the Heimeli, rent a toboggan and ‘sled’ your way back down to the valley.


Located high up between Weisshorn, Prätsch and Litzirüti, the Maran high plateau offers unique and breath-taking views of the surrounding white giants. The plateau is also home to the highest 18-hole golf course in Europe and the Maran alpine dairy, which has been transforming Arosa alpine milk into alpine cheese and other specialties for some 40 years.

Be sure to visit the Bündnerstube, an original Walser parlour from the 19th century that serves cheese specialties like fondue and raclette from the Maran dairy.


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the most beautiful alpine pasture in the snowy Arosa mountains. This is the Prätschalp. In keeping with the traditional ambience, you’ll find a variety of Swiss specialties on offer – from cheese fondue and open cheese sandwiches to venison stew, dumpling soups and delicious cakes. The pasture is open during the day and can be reached on skis, touring skis, snowshoes or even by horse-drawn carriage.

TIP: The scenery here is unique, so have a camera on hand to capture a snapshot. Snow shots are best taken when the sun is low in the sky.