Moving Mountains to restore vitality, reconnect with nature and celebrate joy.

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Inspired by the history and beauty of the mountains that surround our hotels, the Tschuggen Hotel Group has created a lifestyle programme to promote vitality, reconnect with nature and celebrate joy.

On your next stay, decide on your preferred experiences or even a complete Moving Mountains journey to make your time with us as valuable as possible.


Working with expert advisors and practitioners we have developed a functional fitness and yoga offering that meets our guests’ needs and prepares them for the many outdoor pursuits on offer at our hotels.


To celebrate our locations, we have created a set of Empowering Expeditions and Curated Adventures for our guests designed with nothing more than pure unadulterated fun in mind.


Our star-studded chefs have collaborated with world-renowned nutritionist, Rhaya Jordan, to design plant-based Moving Mountains menus.


Our award-winning spas invite you to relax and unwind, while bespoke rituals rooted in science prepare you for an optimal night’s sleep and a truly restful Moving Mountains experience.


Reflecting the continuous cycles of the natural world, the final piece of Moving Mountains is to give something back.